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┬áLady Catherine has just discovered a secret about her family. She’s been living a secluded life as a rejected daughter of an earl whose title is about to revert to the crown…all because she was born lame and a girl. But now she learns that her dead mother has passed on a wonderful gift to her. Unfortunately, this means she has to worry about her own terrible secret. Curious? Read The Portrait, a Regency-era historical novel featuring romance and intrigue, mistakes made in anger and choices made out of desperation….

A thrilling hybrid of mystery, romance, and 19th century scene-setting -- sure to enthrall fans of historical fiction.

Publisher's Weekly Booklife Prize


Cassandra Austen Romances are love stories set in New England and Old England, with plenty of slow build and real-life emotion. These stories are darker, slower, deeper…but with a satisfying conclusion. Not your typical romantic fantasy, but the province of people with good intentions who nonetheless find themselves making mistakes and trying to figure it all out.

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